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From ancient times to present day, hair was always considered a prized adornment that plays a major role in the way one looks. In the past, the privileged class of the society, kings and queens, lords, aristocrats or bourgeois went through a lot of trouble to let their hair grow, loop wind it, make hair-waves or put on wigs in order to raise up to the beauty standard of their time and, thus felt better about themselves. Nowadays things have a totally different perspective but are the same in essence. There are other sorts of challenges and different kinds of problems and solutions; however human nature has preserved the concern for individual aestheticism and, implicitly hair care.

Thus, we want to have a lovely and neat coiffure each day, but going to a beauty salon every morning or looking for a mobile home hairdresser is not reasonable, therefore we look for hair care and styling solutions that we can apply at home by ourselves. Nevertheless, since we are not professionals, we all wondered at least a few times if the things we do for our hair are the right things to do or whether there is anything else to do so that our thatch looks and feels healthier and nicer. If you are or ever were in this situation, here are some general tips and advice for home hair care and styling.

First of all you should keep in mind that you can never style a dirty oily hair. The primary step for a good looking hair style is cleaning and conditioning your hair and scalp. Moreover, choosing to use a shampoo and conditioner that addresses your specific hair needs (that is dry, oily ultra-fine, damaged or with dandruff, etc) can really work out miracles.

Don’t believe in myths like: you should wash your hair two times a week at the most, but clean and nurture it every time you feel is required (even if this means every day). Similarly, do not trust in supermarket hair and body care brands or in the eye-catching labels; if you really want to have a healthy and wonderful hair, purchase only professional hair care products made from veritable herbs, vitamins and proteins that can indeed protect and nurture your prized adornment.

How restaurant employees do their hair like professional home hairdressers

When it comes to hair styling for at home hairdresser, it’s up to each one of us to decide whether this is the fun or frustrating part of the morning. Whether you use hair wax, spray, lacquer, or oil based creams, try to have measure and not overwhelm your hair. Again, the secret of styling is using professional products which you can mix and layer as per your own desires and, finally create a virtually unlimited palette of effects for lovely day to day or special occasion’s coiffures. Moreover, professional hair care products can make a difference in both tidying and styling, are easy to use and, especially, they have visible effects. Altogether, is not all about how you get your hair-do, but it also matters how much it lasts and how does it protect your hair.

Milton Bates