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Donuts and coffee might actually be a great start to your morning, studies show (Max Braun / Flickr).

Have you been thinking of the best food that can accompany your cup of coffee? A blueberry muffin with butter fills. Blueberry muffins from coffee shops are not at all healthy.

They contain a total of 450 calories; that is about double the amount of calories that you get from eating a chocolate donut that is frosted. A majority of calories are from carbohydrates contained in the sugar and flour.

About 3 percent of carbohydrates found in these scrumptious muffins come from fiber. The only healthy component of these muffins is the 15-gram fat that comes from the soybean and canola. They are some popular combination for food.

Lisa comments, “When I am drinking my cup of coffee, I also like having pieces of dark Lindt cocoa chocolate. The aromatic smell of the coffee brings about a flavour that is unique.

This combination of chocolate and coffee can be too strong for some individuals. A piece of chocolate has 50 calories. Cocoa is beneficial to health wellness.

It also increases the rate of metabolism. I love the 99% percent chocolate although its taste is very strong. You can not just munch many pieces of it all one time.

Scoans are good with coffee from Yemen and Kenya. Scoans that are not flavoured are nicer with maple and Costa Ricans. Pairing citrus scones with Ethiopian and Mexican coffee is a winning combination.
Shortbread is very delicious, especially with shortbread.



At times, I also eat a small piece of chocolate with a smith apple. Graham crackers also go well with coffee. Orlin beauty comments, “I drink my cup of coffee with weet bix biscuits or regular biscuits.

The calories that are in biscuits are much less.” Selma explained that she liked her coffee with the sweet taste combinations. She comments, ” A bad habit that I have developed is the fact that I consume my coffee with sweet cakes, strudels and cookies.

Sweet food usually contains high calories. Coffee pairing is different and unique just as people have their unique characters. A majority of individuals prefer to pair their cups of coffee with fruits.

For instance, berries are good especially for Haitian and Kenyan coffees. Jamaican as well as Yemeni coffees are also enjoyable with blueberries. Stonefruits that are fresh and baked into sweets.

Italians like to pair biscotti with coffee. While Canadians as well as Americans like doughnuts and coffee. Biscotti is a popular baked good preferred with coffee in the United States of America.

Cakes are also a common feature when serving coffee. Colombian Coffee is fantastic with a piece of carrot cake. Cinnamon buns and coffee bread are also an available option that one can select.

Stana a coffee lover who prefers 3in1 coffee price sachets from South Africa comments, “I love my coffee with hot croissants or doughnuts.” Medium to light roast Kona and Nicaraguan coffees are ideal with oatmeal raisin cookies.


Milton Bates